Fun Stuff

You know how you never think you’ll wind up in the same room as one of your favorite celebs? This was from a party after the filming of Saturday Night Live a long time ago. A huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, I was really nervous to meet Buffy (I mean, Sarah Michelle Geller!) and remember blabbing something about loving the musical episode which had recently aired. She and her husband, Freddie Prinze Jr., were really sweet. The girl on the right is Julie Breckman, the daughter of my friend Andy who was the executive producer of MONK. We were working on an episode together that year, and I have him to thank for bringing me to the SNL taping that night. Thanks Andy!

People often ask if I have a mutant candy collection like Jeremy Fink, and the answer is no, because I would eat it instead! Last week I found not one, but TWO mutant candies–the two-headed gobstopper and a blobby shaped Good & Fruity. And now that I’ve taken the picture, I am going to eat them! (RIP Good & Fruity, they no long make them. Sad!)

Think you can write a book in a month? Every November you can join thousands of others in the race to write 50,000 words. Check out NaNoWriMo, and click here for a “Pep Talk” that went out to the 10,000 young writers who participated this past November.

Oops!! Reading A Mango-Shaped Space in the middle of science class earned 13-year-old Brianna a detention! Click on the slip to enlarge it.


Have you always wondered how your favorite authors pronounce their names? Hear it straight from them by clicking here.

I love seeing book translations. Here are some of them, bet you can figure out which ones are for which books!